Care and Share

23 November 2020

After being inspired by the helping nature of some of her students, Mrs Gregory has started a donation bank for poor families living in Blackpool, working closely with Care and Share she has arranged for them to collect all items donated by Aspire students and staff the week before Christmas.

"There are thousands of families impacted by poverty in our area, now exaggerated because of Covid-19, so I'm kindly asking if students and staff could spare a donation that would be appreciated by the families at this time of year," said Mrs Gregory.

"This all came about after several conversations with my students about poverty in our local area and that they wanted to be given the opportunity to help where they can.

"I'm hoping that staff will donate items that can be used for Christmas, such as small gifts, toys or vouchers. I also don't mind doing a toy shop trip to purchase some gifts if staff would rather donate money. Anything at all would be welcomed by these families.

"I've also opened this up to students asking that they donate food such as tinned goods, biscuits and non-perishable items. Care and Share will then distribute all our donations directly to our local families in need for Christmas."

Aspire staff meeting with Care and Share last week

Care and Share is a Christian family outreach and started back in 1989 with a mission to supply the needs of individuals and families by the re-use of donated goods. They believe in the saying that "Charity begins at home" and ask the general public to help them by donating their unwanted clothes (men's, women's, children's, babies), bedding, curtains, bric-a-brac, gifts and anything else that can be re-used. The donated goods are then sorted out and redistributed to those in need.

If you would like to help Care and Share or have anything you don't want and is in good condition please contact them via email at or - they will collect any donated goods.

If you are in need of any items please get in touch with Care and Share using the above email addresses - all items are given free of charge.