Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Phil Birch Executive Principal
Lisa Shuttleworth-Brown Academy Principal
Laura Royds Deputy Principal
John Woods Assistant Principal
Simon Blackwell Assistant Principal
Neill Oldham Assistant Principal
Sian Rawson Senior Leader for Transition and Child Protection

Directors of Faculty

William Buchanan Director of Science
Sarah Johnson Director of English
Sarah Matthews Director of Arts and Technology
Leonie Stevenson Director of Humanities, and Btec Co-ordinator
Alex Thompson Director of Maths

Heads of Department

Joanna Barnett Head of MFL
James Barnhurst Head of Technology
Adel Butt Head of of RE
David Carter Head of History
Sarah Elson Head of PE
Sean Iddon Head of Art
Jodie Isherwood Head of PSHE
Sarah Mackay Head of Music and Drama

Teaching Staff

Richard Bradley Teacher of Science
Michelle Brown Teacher of English
Phil Chadwick Teacher of Science
Joe Clayton Teacher of Science
Matthew Dodd Assistant Faculty Leader of Science
Laura Eastwood Teacher of Science
Laura Hanson Teacher of Maths and Careers Coordination
Graeme King Teacher of Maths and PE
David Jenkinson Assistant Faculty Leader of Maths
Julie Lumber Teacher of MFL
Paula Martin-Rodgers Teacher of History
Natalie Morgan Teacher of English
Edith Obiorah Teacher of Maths
Joanne Patton Assistant Faculty Leader of English
Peggy Plancke Teacher of Science, Maths, and Computing
Damian Ryder Teacher of PE and Sport
David Solomons Teacher of Maths
Kayleigh Taylor Teacher of English
Alistair Tock Teacher of Geography
Lisa Turnbull Teacher of English
Charlotte Yates Teacher of English
Jason Youde Teacher of Science

Associate Staff

Margaret Adereti Caseworker
Louis Alvarez Evening/Letting Cover Site Staff
Kevin Beck Site Supervisor
Mary Boyes Teaching Assistant
Jordan Brown Teaching Assistant
Diane Calderwood Internal Exclusion Manager
Michelle Cardwell Caseworker
Jeff Challenger Site Supervisor
Karen Clancy Office Manager and Principals PA
Karen Earnshaw Administrative Assistant
Katy Edwards Teaching Assistant (Behaviour Support and Counsellor)
Nadine Ellis Teaching Assistant
Jack Evans Drama Assistant
Sue Foster Exams Officer
Neil Fraser Data Officer
Linda Garside Administrative Assistant
Soo Hesford Finance Support
Joanne Hughes Teaching Assistant
Mark Holt Learning Mentor
Karen Kay Teaching Assistant
Sandra Lawton Caseworker
Lita Lee Teaching Assistant
Frances McNicoll Data Officer 
Jennifer Markham Caseworker
Cathy Millard Caseworker
David Morley Senior Attendance Officer
Jamie Newton IT Technician
John North Technician
Linda Pearson Teaching Assistant
Patricia Reed Technician
Ryan Sheldon Senior IT Technician
Gayle Straughair Administrative Assistant
Julie Sykes Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Carol Wakefield Senior Administrative Assistant
Chris Westhead Assistant Attendance Officer
Rachel Williamson Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Household Support

Haley Crangle General Assistant - Kitchens
Susan Doyle Unit Catering Manager
Gordenna Foster General Assistant - Kitchens
Deb Gregson General Assistant - Kitchens
Jackie Hague General Assistant - Kitchens
Chanelle Henry Housekeeping
Gwyneth Heywood General Assistant - Kitchens
Tracey Landers General Assistant - Kitchens
Nicola Lightfoot General Assistant - Kitchens
Mercita Orrell Housekeeping
Kathleen Ramm Housekeeping
Lisa Maguire General Assistant - Kitchens
John Merza Housekeeping
Lorraine Reekie Assistant Cook
Linda Sandham Housekeeping
Melanie Seeley Housekeeping
Geoffrey Smith Housekeeping
Melody Stevens General Assistant - Kitchens
Tracey Wall Housekeeping
John Williams Housekeeping Supervisor

Agency and Council Staff

Paul Durnall Pupil Welfare Officer
Paul Earle TA -  1 to 1 support
Nicola Leigh PCSO
Chantal Sloame TA -  1 to 1 support
Helen Da Costa Agency Numeracy and Literacy Teacher

Casual Staff

Syeda Akter Exam Invigilator
Adele Bedford Exam Invigilator
Ian Bedford Exam Invigilator
David Blacker Exam Invigilator
Emma Dugdale Exam Invigilator
Diane Hilton Exam Invigilator
Peter Hilton Exam Invigilator
Pam Kelsall Exam Invigilator
Jenny Moore Exam Invigilator
Richard Moore Exam Invigilator
Lynne O’Hanlon Exam Invigilator
Alison Owens Exam Invigilator
Christine Wilkinson Exam Invigilator
Carmel Williams Exam Invigilator