The Careers Leader at Blackpool Aspire Academy is Miss Plancke.


Telephone: 01253 353155

The Blackpool Aspire Academy Provider Access Policy can be found on the main policies page: link to follow

The Bakers application for access form can be found by clicking here.

Amendment to the technical and Higher education Act can be found by clicking here.

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All careers information published is reviewed annually in July.

Blackpool Aspire Academy recognises that it has a statutory duty to provide impartial and objective Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) in Years 7 to 11. CEIAG at Aspire is seen as an integral part of the curriculum, and is available to every student. Mrs Angela Turner, an independent careers advisor, offers confidential and impartial careers information through 1to1 and small group sessions during school hours. Miss Peggy Plancke is Aspire's CEIAG contact and both her and Angela can be contacted via the careers email address or by telephone on 01253 353155.

CEIAG enables the students to make impartial, informed, balanced and appropriate decisions about many key areas of their future development, progression and career pathway. CEIAG at Blackpool Aspire Academy is impartial and is delivered in an objective and balanced manner by all staff so that each student receives exactly the same opportunities to explore potential pathways. CEIAG is evident in key events that occur throughout the year and with many strands covered in Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE). It is also delivered through our curriculum subjects and in tutor time to meet the needs of our learners at Blackpool Aspire Academy. All of our careers’ activities are followed by staff and pupil feedback and the careers programme is reviewed in the summer term each year to ensure that all of our activities are engaging and impactful. Students’ progression is tracked throughout their time at the academy and beyond.

Teachers at Aspire take joint responsibility for embedding Careers into curriculum delivery. Where appropriate, teachers will consider working with external bodies in school to further relate their subject to the 'outside world', encouraging students to reflect on how their learning links to a wide range of future Career paths.

In addition to this any advice or guidance given to students will be personalised and appropriate. Blackpool Aspire Academy also believes that working with outside agencies is an invaluable part of the CEIAG curriculum on offer. It is worth mentioning here that Blackpool Aspire Academy does not favour one Further Education institution and thus gives all providers an equal opportunity to provide current information to the students.

Aims of CEIAG

  • To equip students with the necessary decision making skills about future progression and their destination when they leave Blackpool Aspire Academy.
  • To ensure all PP/SEN students receive further impartial and independent guidance from an external Careers Advisor.
  • To ensure students are well equipped for the next stage of their education, training or employment.
  • To ensure students are tracked beyond Blackpool Aspire Academy and that they do not become NEET (not in education, employment or training).
  • To ensure all Year 11 students have at least one post-16 pathway guaranteed when leaving Blackpool Aspire Academy.
  • To ensure students have a positive experience of CEIAG.
  • To keep up-to-date with new careers emerging from technological advances.
  • To understand how the ‘world of work’ works.
  • To decrease the possibility of students making incorrect transition choices.
  • To give opportunity for maximum exploration of future careers.
  • To provide students with current information on courses at Key Stage 3, 4 and 5.


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