Not just for gaming!

17 November 2020

Although we know how much fun Fifa 21 or the latest incarnation of Fortnite can be, did you know that you can actually access Google Classroom through your PS4 and XBOX? Not only can you play games, watch films and listen to music, but you can carry on with your education with these powerful gaming consoles.

With distance learning now a part of everyday life these two devices allow easy access for households that have internet access but don't have the use of a laptop or desktop computer. There isn’t an app that you can add to these consoles, instead you have to use the built-in browsers that come on the two devices. On Xbox it is Microsoft Edge. On PS4 it is the WWW browser. If you don't know how to find the browsers on your console use the search function which is found on the home screen.

Below you can learn how to access Google Classroom.

Google Classroom - how to access and submit work