Ms Matthews has helped write a book for teachers that engages students in their learning and gives them the confidence to develop the knowledge and skills to complete their assessments.

The book, available in print and digital editions, covers all the units for the Cambridge National in IT and is designed to help teachers stimulate students’ interest in the subject matter.

Asked how she got involved, Ms Matthews said: "It all started with answering a survey from the exam board about what I would like to see in the new specification. This led to a on-line chat with someone at the exam board and then another with the team leader from Cambridge University Press, discussing learning and classroom resources and what as a teacher I would like to see. She then got back in touch asking if I would be interested in being in their author team. So, I wrote the first part of the text book, the matching Teacher Resources and the Revision Guide. Since then, I have also been approached to work on some other projects for Cambridge University Press which are currently on-going."

But Ms Matthews wasn't finished there as she was also asked to write a blog post relating to the new specification, which you can read by clicking here.

The books are available from Cambridge University Press.