Gold Award for Dominik!

14 November 2018

Congratulations to Year 11 Dominik who achieved his Chief Scout Gold Award by completing nine challenge badges including Adventure, Creative, Expedition, Outdoor, Personal Skills, Team Leadership, Teamwork, and World. Along with six activity badges of Hikes Away, Nights Away, Emergency Aid, Swimmer, Air Activities, and Digital Citizen.

This award is completed over four years and is the highest award a scout can get.

Dominik achieved this through lots of hard work to cover his challenge badges and completing various tasks and challenges:

·        Leadership Challenge he had to lead a team of scouts on an expedition, part of which included training for Bowlander - a weekend where scouts are taken to a location and have to find their way back to base

·        Outdoor included camping and cooking for themselves

·        Teamwork is working as part of a team

Not all scouts get their Gold Award and Dominik found this very challenging but was determined, and with the help of his leaders, has proved you can achieve anything when you put your mind to it.

Gold Award for Dominik