Exciting school link in Tanzania!

6 September 2018

In September 2017, Ms Adereti had a chance meeting with a visiting Nun from Tanzania. During the evening a conversation was had regarding school and education.

Stories were swapped and Ms Adereti was proudly talking about Blackpool Aspire Academy, our school day, and the facilities we have in our new building. It became obvious, very quickly, that the students in Tanzania had very little resources.

Ms Adereti was told about the teachers and the dedication they have to teach and the skill they have in stretching the few resources they have between all students. Ms Adereti felt humbled when told the pride the children had at being able to attend school. Some children walk miles in order to get to school, even with the long walk they manage to get into school on time.

The families have very little money but the priority is the school uniform for their child, such is the pride the whole family feels when a child is attending education.

During the conversation, Ms Adereti felt a rush of excitement that we, as a school, could help and so returned to Aspire to discuss the prospect with Mrs Shuttleworth-Brown, who was equally excited at the prospect of Aspire linking in with a school in Tanzania and for us to help their students.

Our first fund raising event was a raffle for staff and students. In that raffle we raised £71 and that was sent to our linked school in Tanzania. Once the conversion was complete, they received 2,634 Tanzanian dollars that enabled them to provide every student with the following:

Reading Books



Exercise book


We at Aspire are so happy to help our linked school and look forward to raising more funds in the coming months, as they are in the process of building a classroom for the older students and it would be great to be able to raise funds to stock it with the resources the students will need.


In response to our first fund-raiser, we received the following letter:

Our children asked to pass there thanks to their friends at Aspire. They hope that in the next Exam, they will do well because of the Reading books everyone has.

All of us are very happy for your help.

Again, we say thank you and God bless all.

With love and prayer.

Sr. Erica CMM

Tanzania School Link 2018