Aspiration Day: Year 7 Science pupils visited Blackpool Zoo

1 May 2015

On Thursday 30th April all of Year 7 set off for a day at Blackpool Zoo. The trip was arranged by Mrs Bradley for all the science classes as a reward for all their hard work and excellent behaviour since joining Aspire Academy.

The pupils arrived by bus just as the zoo was opening and were given booklets to complete about the animals, their adaptations and natural habitats.

They spent the sunny day walking round with their teachers and experiencing the range of animals that are housed at the zoo.

The journey began with a walk through the Dinosaur safari area, where they were reminded of the extinct creatures that once walked the Earth.

They learnt which endangered animals the zoo is helping to conserve like the Amur tiger and had the chance to walk through ‘Lemur Wood’’, where the lemurs were confident enough to come right up and be stroked by the pupils.

They watched the penguins being fed and the sea lions showing off their ball skills, and a visit to ‘Amazonia’ meant they saw an interesting variety of insects, reptiles, tropical birds, and monkeys too.

The teachers and support staff were full of praise for the behaviour and enthusiasm of the pupils and they all agreed that it had been an excellent day; finally Mrs Bradley rewarded all pupils with a zoo animal pencil.