Each term the Maths department awards a Pythagorean Triple (Years 7, 8 and 9) with each teacher nominating a student from their Key Stage 3 class for either effort, progress or achievement.

The students who receive the Mathematics Badge will also be awarded a certificate and a positive phone call home from Mr Jenkinson.

Finally, each student who has been awarded a badge during the year, is automatically placed into a prize draw at the end of the year for an ultimate Maths prize!

Students who gained maths awards last half term are as follows:


Year 7

Ellie, Archer, Roxana, Jayden, Shaun, Misty, Logan and Isla.


Year 8

Tyler, Kelsie, Damien, Kayleigh, Kyle, Jake and Sahil.


Year 9

Sophie, Shahasvi, Serenity, Dishana, Nova, Kaci Jane and Nikki.


Teachers are now considering this half term nominations...