Fylde Sand Dunes Project

19 November 2021

Aspire students have continued their participation in the Fylde Sand Dune Project in association with Lancashire Wildlife Trust. The students are currently planting dune grasses, such as plugs of Marram grass, into the sand and these plug plants will grow to establish greater vegetation cover.

Vegetation is essential on our dunes as it reduces the amount of bare sand that can be lost from the system while the roots trap and anchor sand particles in place to encourage dune growth, which in turn helps the amazing variety of wildlife that call the dunes home.

As the dunes grow and increase in size it forms a natural sea defence as a barrier to the sea at high tide and releases sand during storm conditions to reduce wave action.

For the past 150 years more than 80% of the sand dunes in Lancashire have been lost, so this conservation work is vital along our coast and the students involved enhance their appreciation of this natural habitat.