CREST Bronze Award

4 May 2021

Some of our Year 7 students attending the Chemistry Club on Thursday afternoons will be completing their first CREST Bronze award this term, which is a nationally recognised scheme for student-led project work in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) providing teachers and home educators with adaptable activities aligned to the national curriculum and giving young people the chance to choose their own subject and methodology when completing their hands-on investigation.

Bronze Awards introduce students to project work, empowering them to work like real scientists, technologists, engineers or mathematicians. Students choose their own topic and methodologies, giving them complete freedom over their work. Their project this term encompasses rocket science, launch and design. The project process develops enquiry, problem-solving and communication skills.

Once completed, the students will be able to use their certificates and experience to enhance their UCAS personal statements, should they wish to enter further education at a later stage.

Our Year 7 students taking part this term are Kieran, Damian, Luke, Daniel, Jackson, Faith, Emma-Lee, Leah, Waad, Jacob, William and Finley.