Year 7 Tegan has certainly proved she has talent when she decided to turn her hand to entertainment by creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos of herself singing. It began during the first lockdown when she felt she could bring a smile to the faces of her family and friends via social media as she couldn’t do so due to the restrictions in place.

Tegan says she has always loved music and singing, “When Aspire Academy was closed due to COVID I started to learn new songs. I then had the idea to create a YouTube channel to upload them to; I did this to let others enjoy my singing as much as I did and help them get through lockdown.

“I started practicing Titanium by Sia because it was a difficult and challenging song and also the lyrics mean a lot to me, they describe being strong, never to give up and have courage which helped me to cope with missing friends and family.”

Hearing about a talent competition on local radio, Tegan thought it would be a bit of fun to enter and never dreamed she would win, but only a few weeks later the radio station called her back to announce she was the winner with over 40% of the public vote. And it didn’t end there.

“While doing my school work I saw a link on the Aspire website about gaining Blue Peter badges, so I contacted them with the details of my competition win and as a result I’m now the proud owner of a Blue Peter badge! And, it actually arrived on my birthday, which was another lovely surprise.

Tegan added, “I am still learning new songs and sharing them with others in these hard times, so hopefully I’m still making people smile.”

Tegan receives her Blue Peter badge