Meet the staff

5 November 2020

Meet the Staff talks to Miss Eastwood to find out what makes her world go around.


What is your job at Aspire and what exactly do you do?

Assistant Director of Science; I support Mr Dodd in leading the Science department.


Which schools did you attend as a pupil?

I went to Carleton Green Community Primary School and Hodgson High School right here on the Fylde coast.


Who was your favourite teacher?

Mrs Bentley. She was my favourite teacher at Primary School. She is the reason I became a teacher.


...and which teacher did you fear the most?

Mrs Brewer. She was the Cover teacher at Primary School, she used to shout really loud for no reason at all and I was a bit of a scaredy cat!


What is your highest qualification?

I have a degree in QTS Primary Education with Sport Science


Name a place you would love to travel to:

I'd LOVE to visit Bali and Thailand.


What is your favourite food and drink?

For anybody who knows me really well, I LOVE mushrooms! I am quite partial to a glass of pretend Apple Juice - Pinot Grigio.


And while we're talking of food and drink, is there anything you don't like?

I HATE Mussels and I do not like flavoured tea.


Is there anybody who has particularly inspired you?

My old Ballet teacher, Miss Whittaker. She taught me dance from a very young age. She passed away when I was about 12 years old. She taught me discipline, not just in dance, but in many aspects of life. I still attend the dancing school now as an adult and her daughter continues to share the same discipline.


Did you have a pet when you were younger?

I had a pet rabbit, his name was Fluffy!


Can you remember the last film you watched at the cinema?

It was the 42nd Street Broadcast Production from London and was nearly as good as actually being there.


What TV series are you currently watching?

I'm really into Designated Survivor on Netflix at the moment.


And finally, what was the first song you ever purchased and in what format was it?

I can't remember what the first cassette was that I bought, but I do know that I purchased the first Steps album on CD. I can also remember my Dad listening to Spandau Ballet on repeat constantly!