Corona Kindness

21 May 2020

Mrs Sykes has got into the spirit of kindness by baking and making enough goodies to fill a truck for her local area!

Inspired by Mrs Gregory's recent Random Acts of Kindness initiative, Mrs Sykes got to work in her kitchen creating cookies, packaging and delivering them to all her neighbours.

"I know there are people in my area who must be feeling very lonely and isolated during this difficult time, and although I may only see or speak to them rarely, I thought by me doing this might put a smile on their faces", explained Mrs Sykes.

The 'before' and 'after' photos of Mrs Sykes special delivery

"I placed the cookies on the doorstep, knocked and ran away...well, to safe distance anyway. It was nice seeing people smile and it made me feel good too", she added.

So what Random Act of Kindness have you done today? Email with your story.