Speed Awareness - Students help traffic police!

7 July 2017

Aspire students were helping the local community by educating drivers on the dangers of speeding during a visit by police officers today.

PCSO Leigh invited traffic police to set up a roadside speed camera alongside Blackpool Aspire Academy bus stop, near the busy junction of Blackpool Old Road and Mowbray Drive.

If a car was found to be speeding PC Clarke guided them into the dropping off point behind the bus stop, where Aspire students informed the driver of facts relating to speeding and how dangerous it can be to other road users and pedestrians.

Pictured above with Year 9 students, Patrick , Tyler, and Connor, and PCSO Boardman, Miss Williamson said, “Not only have we been educating local drivers, but our students have also learned just how much we take our roads for granted and they’ve become more aware of how dangerous roads can be.“

Patrick also added, “It was really interesting watching the police in action, and the drivers who were stopped really took on-board what we had to tell them.”


Road facts

Every month more than 1,000 British children are injured on roads near schools.

The area in Great Britain with the highest proportion of child casualties (2010-14 average) is Blackpool.

The risk of death is approximately four times higher when a pedestrian is hit at 40mph than at 30mph.