Quadruple Duke of Edinburgh Success

8 May 2017

The academy success continues with Toby Gough (Year 11), David Hurley, Shade Egerton and Canice Heath (Year 10) completing their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. The award began in January 2016 where students attended training sessions to develop skills for two summer expeditions. Whilst the training was taking place, in their spare time the students completed other sections of the award: skills, physical and volunteering. The students helped out with activities with Highfurlong School, in the local community and with Blackpool Sea Cadets.

In the summer of 2016, they completed two expeditions in the Bowland forest region of Lancashire, which involved camping, cooking and completing navigated routes using a map and compass. The group leaders, Mr Tock and Mr Ryder were very impressed with their determination: Mr Tock commented that 'All students showed great resilience in the expeditions supporting others in some rather poor weather conditions. They motivated each other when they were feeling tired and grumpy. They also helped the school develop its links with Highfurlong students and the local community and should be very proud of their achievements'.