Quality homework

21 October 2016

This week we have continued our push on quality homework by nominating two students from every faculty to receive an award for their outstanding homework.

The winners, who have received a certificate and a £5 voucher, are:

Joseph 7R

Paige 8I

Sarah 7S

Leon 10S

Modoulamin 9A

Charnai 8R

Hermione 7A

Amelia 7A

Kyle 8S

Angel 8R

Patrick 9A

Tia 10R

Lauren 10I



All our winners have produced some fantastic homework, which demonstrates that learning doesn’t stop when school finishes at 3pm.

We hope next half term produces some even more amazing examples.

Above are some examples of the high quality work produced for Humanities homework: a student’s family tree, and a depiction of a volcano eruption and tsunami hitting a village.

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