Anti-Bullying Training Day

26 January 2015

Miss Turnbull and five of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors from Aspire recently attended an Anti-Bullying training day hosted at St George’s High School; an event that was well attended by representatives from many Blackpool primary and high schools.

Our ambassadors participated in a number of activities throughout the day interacting with the other school groups to gain an understanding in such areas as what bullying is, why it happens, recognising the signs of bullying, and proactive measures that can be taken. The students also examined why people are all different, accepting those differences in our society, and why the impact of their anti-bullying work is so important inside and outside of school.

At the end of the day students were awarded anti-bullying certificates and all participants agreed that the training had been extremely beneficial. Miss Turnbull said, “Both students and staff members have learnt a great deal today, and we’ve come away with lots of new ideas we would like to implement in Aspire”.

Tags: school anti-bullying ambassador