School Age Immunisations

16 March 2021

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Announces Their New Electronic Process for Collating and Managing Parental/Guardianship Consent for School Age Immunisations

February 2021: Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Vaccination Team has announced their plans for an innovative solution for issuing and collating forms to parents/guardians for school age immunisations, transforming the previously paper heavy process.

What Is Being Improved?

The current process relies heavily on children providing the paper consent forms to guardians and parents, the form being filled in, and then the child returning the paper consent form to the school.

As you can appreciate, this has its drawbacks, including:
• The child losing the paper consent form
• The paper consent form being destroyed
• The child not notifying their parent(s)/guardians that they have received the vaccination
• Families not completing and returning the consent form in time

What is the New Process?

Starting in April 2021 with the DTP and MEN ACWY Vaccinations, parents/nominated guardians of all children in Year 9 will be emailed and/or texted a letter from the child’s schools, within this letter will be a website link which will take you directly to the Consent which needs to be filled in.

If you do not have access to a device or the internet, there is a backup process in place. Please contact the Vaccination Teams at the bottom of this document for support.

What Are the Benefits for You?

• Schools no longer need to collect/handle the paper consents as it is now a digital process
• The e-consent form is accessible on multiple devices such as mobile and tablet and can be filled in anywhere
• Parents will be notified when their child has had their vaccination
• Improved guarantee that parents/guardians receive their consent form
• It’s quick and easy to use via link sent out by schools to parents/guardians along with the child’s unique school identifier
• The record will link up to their GP’s record, providing future information to the family and child around the vaccinations given
• There is reduced chance of the form being lost

Any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Vaccination Team at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals:

Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde
School Vaccination Team
2nd Floor,
St. Annes Primary Care Centre,
Durham Ave,
St Annes
01253 951984

Lancaster, Morecambe, Carnforth and Over Wyre
School Vaccination Team,
Queen Victoria Centre,
Thornton Rd,
01524 519430