It is our aim to ensure that Blackpool Aspire Academy remains open whenever possible so that:

  • Our students are learning
  • Our students are safe
  • Our students do not cause disruption in the local community
  • Parents at work do not have to make alternative childcare arrangements unless absolutely necessary


Therefore, in the event of an emergency which threatens the continuity of the Academy, our aims are:

  • Business as ususal for as long as possible
  • Return to normal as quickly as possible


There are procedures in place for managing our continuity during snow or severe adverse weather conditions:

  • Staff will be informed as close to 7.20am as possible via telephone and/or email if the Academy is to be closed. Information will also be available at the bottom of this webpage, our Twitter feed, our Facebook page, and via Radio Wave, Radio Lancashire, and Rock FM
  • If the Principal makes the decision to close the Academy, this will not be done lightly and will be done in consultation with key staff, taking into account health and safety, travel arrangements, TV and radio news, and the weather forecast


If the decision is made to keep the Academy open, please ensure your child wears appropriate clothing and footwear, and allows extra time for the journey.



Any information regarding Blackpool Aspire Acadamy being closed will appear here.