Year 9 Business


If you are not already a member of our Google Classroom, join the Google Classroom with the class code: ybbbclx

In the Google Classroom there is a range of links to YouTube tutorials for each element of the course that you need to focus on; links to quizzes and other activities you can undertake. I will mark and leave comments on all tasks submitted. Make sure you act on any feedback. Email me if you are stuck or have a question!



You have a copy of the revision guide plus other revision material. Be using these to focus on the following topics:

LO1 - Entrepreneurship

LO2 – The Marketing Mix

In addition to just answering the questions in the book, produce your own set of notes/ revision sheets to help you when we start revising for the actual exam. Creating a glossary will be a good starting place.


For help with this work please email