Year 8 English

Go to Google Classroom and use the following codes for each class:




Miss. Gleaves 8x1 cvwbs5o
Mrs. Morgan 8x2 4emcjdp
Mrs. Gregory 8x3 ros6gcg
Miss. Bamber 8x4 ciep6m6
Miss. Bamber 8y1 5itb6kd
Miss. Gleaves 8y2 zdujfcm
Ms. Brown 8y3 Ihnbzzs


For something else go to and have a go at the various topics listed, such as Fiction Texts, Non-fiction Texts, Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar, Reading skills and Writing skills.

For help with this work please email


The Hay Festival is a celebration of children's authors and their work with videos and things to do which encourage reading.

There are free Programme for Schools broadcasts available to watch now at

You can also see what is happening via Twitter by clicking the following links - or