Year 7 Physical Education

Smiley faceAlthough the schedule for the Lancashire School Games has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic this year students can continue to engage in the School Games and take part from home.

By clicking the image to the left of this text you will be taken to the Resources for Teenagers webpage where you will find many useful links.

To have a go at the Stay at Home Heroes Challenge: Volleyball - please click here!

If you don’t have online access you can complete the following circuit:

Each time you complete the circuit you can increase the repetitions (number of times you do it) to make it harder.

  • Exercise 1 – 10 star jumps
  • Exercise 2 – 10 sit ups
  • Exercise 3 – 10 press ups
  • Exercise 4 – Jogging on the spot 30 seconds
  • Exercise 5 – Plank (hold for 30 seconds)
  • Exercise 6 – 10 Squats

For help with this work please email

Television presenter Joe Wicks is streaming a daily PE class every morning at 9am for half an hour on his YouTube channel, but don't worry if you miss the live broadcast as they can all be found on his YouTube channel alongside many other workout videos to keep you fit and healthy.

Just click any of the images or here to visit his YouTube channel.