Year 7 Digital Technology


Join the Google Classroom with the class code: mybd4ii. This is a new room set up whilst we are learning from home.

Join the Seneca class with the code: v1h62e6n1i or use the link in Google Classroom.

Sign up to In your profile add the code YR7DIGTECH. Complete a range of badges to try and earn a Bronze, Silver or even Gold certificate.

In the Google Classroom there is a range of links to quizzes and other activities you can undertake, covering a wide range of topics. Your teacher will mark and leave comments on all tasks submitted. Make sure you act on any changes needed. Email your teacher if you are stuck or have a question!



You have a copy of the KS3 Computing book. Be using this book to focus on the following topics:

Computer Systems (pg. 1 - 18)

The Internet (pg. 19 - 35)

You can answer the questions, use the information to create info-sheets, mind maps and a key-term glossary.


For help with this work please email