Miss Plancke was very disappointed to find that following the new lockdown announcement the calendar of weekly live STEM career talks which had been set up for Year 7 for the first Spring term had been cancelled.

But a backup plan has been put into operation and the talks will now be pre-recorded with a link placed in the Science Google classroom; they will last around 45 minutes, with a quick quiz and a small STEM project to be completed within five days.

The links to the recorded sessions will be posted on the Year 7 Science Google classroom at around 2pm on the day of the presentation and will be available for 5 days only. Any questions students might wish to ask the various professionals can be emailed to Miss Plancke at p.plancke@aspire.fcat.org.uk and will be sent to the relevant personnel.

Students willing to take part in these remote STEM projects will then have five days to complete them and can send their project presentations in whichever media they wish to use to p.plancke@aspire.fcat.org.uk - each organisation involved will announce the winners and deliver prizes in due course.

The career sessions booked for January are as follows:

  • Wednesday 13th January: STEM careers in computer game design
  • Friday 15th January: STEM careers in music and innovation
  • Wednesday 20th January: STEM careers in space exploration, rocket and spaceship design
  • Friday 22nd January: STEM careers in film animation and innovation
  • Wednesday 27th January: STEM careers in the health sector
  • Friday 29th January: STEM careers in future energy resources and innovation

All these dates and events can be found in the Year 7 Science Google classroom by clicking here.