Geography year plan

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Geography at Blackpool Aspire Academy

The Geography Department holds the Geographical Association’s ‘Centre of Excellence’ quality award for excellence in geographical teaching and learning; the accolade has been held for the last six years.

In Key Stage 3 students learn and investigate our changing world. In Year 7 students focus on national geography, learning about the UK and its changing landscapes. In Year 8 students build on their understanding of geographical concepts and processes by investigating the interaction between people and the environment. An innovative KS3 curriculum allows students to prepare for the rigours of GCSE, whilst also encouraging them to ask complex geographical questions.

In Key Stage 4 all students follow the GCSE AQA Geography course. Students sit three external examinations at the end of the three-year course. Students study both physical and human geography throughout the course and have an opportunity to complete fieldwork in the local area.

British Values

Students are encouraged to think about the world in which they live and how their lives and personal geographies contribute to wider British values. Students investigate a wide variety of cultures, countries and environments and are actively encouraged to compare British values and culture to those of other people around the world.

Geography at Aspire allows students an insight into how other people live and promotes respect and tolerance for others of different religions and cultures around the world. Students also study the geography of multicultural Britain and how this works to promote cooperation and reduce ethnic segregation in Britain today.

World of work and lifelong learning

Studying Geography helps students to better understand the world’s people, places and environments from local to global scales. The skills and knowledge gained by studying Geography can be applied to almost any job or workplace.

Geography is a subject recognised by all employers and it equips students with the skills and understanding needed for an ever changing world.

Geographers can use their skills in the following jobs and career paths:

  • Policy and Government (town planners, housing officers, social services)
  • The Physical Environment (coastal engineer, river engineer, meteorology)
  • Geographical Information Systems (defence analyst, cartographer, crime analyst, hydrologist)
  • Travel and Tourism (hotel manager, travel writer, expedition manager, incident response manager, transport)
  • Business (sustainability manager, sales associates, resource manager)
  • Society (police, teaching, prison service, fundraising officer)
  • Development and Global Issues (armed forces, working for charities)