KS3 Dance

In Year 7 and 8 Dance is taught within the PE curriculum. Pupils in Year 7 cover a unit on basic skills and techniques and the blue brothers. Pupils in Year 8 cover a unit on intermediate skills and techniques and street dance.


YEAR 10 Contemporary Technique Understanding of Critical Appreciation Improvisation & Choreographic Skills Set Phrases Introduction Solo performance of Set Phrases Duet/Trio performance of Set Phrases

 Key Stage 4

What qualification will I get?

GCSE Dance


How will I be assessed?

Year 10

60% Practical

Solo performance of set phrases – 15 marks

Duet/Trio Performance – 25 marks

Choreographed solo – 40 marks

40% written examination

The written paper is an hour and a half and is worth 80 marks. The exam is split into 3 sections.

Section A

Hypothetical dance scenario

Performance skills

Choreographic processes

Section B

Own practice during the course

Own choreography or own performance piece

Section C

Study of works in Dance anthology


What can this course lead to?

Possibility for higher level study including BTEC Dance or AS and A Level Dance as well as to provide a stepping stone into careers such as choreographer, dance artist, dance specialist, dance therapist, dance teacher, dance critic/journalist, dancer/performer, company director.